[PS5][2126]unable to use sails/anchor while operating rudder

Since update 2126 I’m unable to use anchor or sails without releasing rudder. Sails and anchor are within reach on raft.
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[Xbox series x] also having the same issue on online gaming. When operating rudder or motor no sail or anchor access for both host and 2nd player. Since the last update… Directly connected to internet modem cox and both same console type and same household.

Hopefully they fix this issue. I really liked the control of operating either forward or backward sail from the crouched position while operating the rudder, plus being able to quickly drop anchor when needed.


it is not a problem per se. they did this deliberately in the last update. it’s in the patch notes.

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Yes I see that now, thanks Tex.(Fixed player able to interact with other objects while operating a vehicle.) Should be worded differently though…Like: (Disabled player able to interact with other objects while operating a vehicle.) Now just makes it more discouraging operating raft.


Hi all,

Just so I have it noted here as well…

The team issued this fix to prevent some issues that can occur when operating the raft this way. However following feedback from players, they are reviewing this fix and the effect it has on gameplay.

Thank you.


It makes it practically impossible to steer into a small inlet because turning the sail on and off helps manage speed for manoeuvrability. Also increases the risk of losing the raft as you could come off before turning off the sail.
Do not like one bit!

Any news on this feature returning? This feature being removed makes operating the raft a nightmare. Especially when approaching an trying to dock at an island. As someone else mentioned as well, leaving the rudder to use the sail or anchor has a higher probability of knocking you off of your raft.

they added those features back in during the last update