[PS5][2104][Building] can't build on foundation

Hello, I can’t build any type of structure on an foundation or floor. I build a big House and tried to build all the things like loom, fire, smoking station etc. but it doesn’t let me place it. It also don’t let me place piles on it or hooks at the wall. Only Containers Shell’s can be placed.

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Hi Dbring, welcome to the forums!

Not being able to place items on foundations is a known issue and one the team are testing out a fix for at the moment. As far as I am aware the fix will apply to items like crafting stations like the loom etc. But Piles are not included in this fix. Other players have mentioned Piles since the update and I’ve submitted a request to the team on behalf of players regarding this.

For the Hooks and Shelves on walls, this is another issue the team are aware of occuring since the update to 2104. They are currently working on a fix for this also.

I understand both of this can be disheartening during gameplay when you can’t layout your building the way you want. Hopefully both of these fixes will be ready in time for the release of the next update. Unfortunately I do not have release date for this update at the moment, but the team are actively working on it.

Thank you.

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