[PS5] [2071] [Gameplay] Toolbelt broken after picking up something

I played multiplayer on the PS5 for some time with a friend. I am the host of the session. A few days ago I equipped an axe out of a crate and suddenly my tool belt was completely gone.

Can’t equip anything to it and holding L1 won’t do anything.

Also tried to restart and reload the session, traveled to another island and back but nothing.

Also the client player could not see the tools inside the crate.

Hi D4N-D3MANN, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I’m sorry to hear this has affected your save.

In your title of your thread, you have the version number as version 2071? Can you confirm this form me? As there have been a number of updates since this version and the current version is 2083.

With regards to your toolbelt issue:

  • Did the toolbelt functionality stop during gameplay, or did it occur after a save a reload?

  • How many slots on your toolbelt were crafted and were they full? If your tooldbelt was full, please let me know what items were on the toolbelt at the time.

  • Does Player 2 still have access to their toolbelt without issue?

Thank you also for reporting that they could not see items in the container. This is an issue the team are aware of and are investigating. Regarding this issue, please let me know:

  • Were the items in the container placed by you or player 2 / guest?

  • Does the container behave as empty or full for player 2? (even though they cannot see the items)

  • If player 2 places items inside an empty container, closes, and then reopens it, are they able to see their own items?

  • If the host empties a container closes it, and then places items inside the container again, can player 2 see the items (I’m wondering if it is only affecting containers filled before the update)

  • If player 2 places items inside an empty container, can the host then open the container and see the items?

Any extra information you can provide about both of these issues issue would be greatly appreciated as it can help the team to investigate them further.

Hi Clare thank you for your fast reply.

It was with version 2071 we had not time to check the new update.

It stopped during gameplay.
The toolbelt was fully crafted and all of the slots where occupied with the following things:

Iron Hammer
Simple knife
An improved axe
And a coconut bottle

Player 2 can access his toolbelt normally.

Regarding the Container:

Items where placed by second player.
It behaves like a full container for player 2.

Player 2 can’t place items in the container because it behaves like it’s full.

I tried to refill the container as a host but it still behaves like it’s full for the second player.

Yes he can place items In a second container and I can see them.

Regards Dan.


Thank you for confirming that information. The update to version 2083 should have contained a fix that helps to prevent an issue with the toolbelt and inventory from occurring. If you update to version 2083, please let me know if this allows you to access or craft your toolbelt again? Though I am not sure if the items lost will be restored.

Please note that there is a setting that stops an overlap of versions in multiplayer, so if you update your Player 2 will need to update too to join the game.

Thank you also for that extra information surrounding the containers, I shall pass these onto the team.

Okay I’ll test it tonight.

Thanks for the fast reply. :blush:

Okay I tested it. The toolbelt works but I had to craft the first step. After that I can’t craft stage 2-4 of the toolbelt even on crafting level 7 and with all the resources.

It’s with update 2083

I found a workaround:

You have to build the level 1 toolbelt four times.

So it’s like build level 1 toolbelt → Save → Restart session and you have to do this 4 times to have all 4 slots working again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi D4N-D3MANN - Thank you for testing this out and sharing that information. I’m glad to hear you are able to use the toolbelt again. I will make a note of this workaround both for the team as it may help in their investigate and in case any other players experience similar.

Thank you again for letting me know what worked for you, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

No problem I really love this game and also your support was perfect :relaxed:

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