[PS5] [1.11] Multiplayer Label Maker and Canopy

Label Maker just says broken when trying to rename anything.

Also when on the raft, the canopy isn’t protecting from sun. SPF goes down very fast.

Label Maker being reported in many places

Hi SmokedLargeMeat,

Thank you for reporting your experience of these issues, these are issues I have submitted reports to for the team which includes…

  • SPF meter dropping too fast
  • UV staying at “High” for much longer during the day
  • Raft Canopy not protecting from UV
  • Label Maker not working and sending “broken” notification
  • Food and Water meters draining faster (potentially related to UV issues)

While I understand players report these issues in many places we ask players to report these issues through official channels because we do not have the people/time to follow up on other sites and it also helps keep all information and reports together in the one place. I do however appreciate you letting me know others have experienced it too.

About not having time for the other places, I had googled it and had the information available. So I just wanted to share that it’s a common issue since I couldn’t find anything on the forum.

Thank you for reporting all of the issues!

Hi SmokedLargeMeat,

I got an update on the label maker issue. The label maker cannot be used in Multiplayer due to restrictions around messaging in games and the potential to sent offensive messages. I have asked the team to change the notification in some way to make this clearer for players to prevent further misunderstanding.

I also created a known issue post here as I know in it’s current state it looks like an issue (I assumed it was too) - [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Label maker not working in multiplayer

Thanks Clare! What about the canopy? That’s pretty important. Have 2 Canopies on my boat and neither of us are protected

I believe the canopy issue may be related to the difficulty in finding shade on the islands that others have experienced along with the SPF balance. When using your canopies, have you ever found a small “sweet spot” where you are protected?

I haven’t recieved an update from the team on this yet but I’ll look into it.

We did look for a sweet spot, but I can’t say we did it super hard, we couldn’t find one.

Thanks for letting me know SmokedLargeMeat, I don’t think it should be that hard to find anyway if there weren’t issues present. I’ll let the team know and if you do find one and any stage I can update the report. I still believe something isn’t working as it’s intended even if you do find one.