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As usual I found another one that others may or may not have noticed, its not just sharks going under the island. Also Boars can walk through things. Here’s the story…
I was trying a plan i had of making a petting zoo by caging my animals. I made a brick foundation with one slot not completely finished, realising that its solid not like planks or wood to lure a boar in. The foundation did not touch the ground so there was no gap. When i lured the big bugger in he was able to get one hit on me and did get through the brick. I tried it a few times and at one time i actually seen him go through the foundation. But yet i was able to get him stuck between two water stills even facing him even didnt budge just walked in circles. When i tried it with the giant crabs they wouldnt even follow me in. Plus on a side note i flew to a neighbouring island where i had a wood foundation ground level and had a boar stuck in the middle not being able to do anything even when i approached it head on.

Hi Alkewper74,

Thanks for going into detail about that, I will pass this on to the team.