PS4 v1820 Not Able to Replace Islands On Map

As stated in the title, I cant seem to remake my islands on my map using save slot 2. I can change them to custom islands but when “removing” it to regenerate a new island it changes the name of it but it just reverts back to the original island but just using the new name. I did notice the first time i tried it, it duplicated a few names so i went in and island by island (other then the 2 i wanted to keep which are center and directly right of it) i replaced everyone and double checked that no names were duplicated then saved the changes, started the game, saved in game then went for a sail around all the islands and they were all the old ones with my tents on them.
As I was typing this it hit me how i did it before and repeated my old steps that worked again (maybe as a workaround) you need to change to a custom island, back out save changes, go into the game, save in game, shut down the game, restart, go to cartographer “remove” your custom, save when backing out, start game and save in game soon as its loaded. Maybe something can be done so that when saving after changing isnt such a long process?

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Hi Alkewper74,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I want to clarify that I’m understanding it correctly, please bear with me.

When in the cartographer and changing your island layout on the map, any island you had previously replaced with a custom island cannot be converted back to a random island generated by the game. When you remove/replace the custom island with a game generated one and save, it does not correctly overwrite the custom island correctly as all the items you had placed there remain on the island too, it’s not resetting either. To workaround this you need to replace the custom island with another custom island you have made which does correctly overwrite any objects you have there, then, go into the game to load it for the first time, save it without modifying or adding to the new custom island in question. After restarting the game you can remove the now loaded but untouched custom island which the game will replace with a random island.

Do I have that correct? When you load in to the game to save, do you visit and load the custom island you replaced at all to check it, or is it enough to load and re-save the game again for you?

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Now i’m confused so bare with me i’ll have to read while i reread at the same time.
It is the generated islands i am replacing, last time i placed a custom island it went in right away with no issues. Even when replacing a custom with a custom. But to place a new generated island over a previous generated island it doesnt work by simply replacing it, when saveing the map while backing out, it doesnt save the new generated island in game as a new island but leaves everything behind but does change its name. (it’s almost like the cartographer save file isnt copying the proper map file into the game save file) I find in order for it to accept any change first you need to replace the random island with a custom island, save it in cartographer as well as in game (as though the game save isnt connected to the cartographer save). At that point you can leave the game and replace the custom island you just placed with a random one in cartographer saving both in cartographer and in game again. I have succesfully replaced the same custom island though by simply deleting it in cartographer (which shows its changed to random but have never checked that) backing out saving while doing so then replacing it with the same custom island and resaving while backing out again. It just wont do that with random generated islands.


Thank you for taking the time to clarify the issue for me, Alkewper74. This’ll help me write out my report for the team in greater detail so they can investigate the issue. I will also link them to this thread so they can read your account of the issue first hand too.

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I was having this issue too. You used to be able to quickly replace an island with a custom island and then remove the island to get a fresh island/reset the resources. How about just adding a functionality to reset /re randomise the resources of an island? Or just directly replace an island with a random island so that we don’t need these extra steps? Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Checking back on my report for the team. This is marked as “as Designed”. The randomly generated island in a given slot is always the same for the world seed. If you remove a custom island the previous generated island for that seed will be restored - however any structures build on the island may not. This may depend on if you build and save items on the custom island or not.

Thank you for your feedback regarding this BuzzKillington. I’ll share this with the team.