PS4 UPDATE #2107 Crude spears vanishing when logging in

After update my crude spears keep disappearing. Made over 50, saved game then quit. Opened game back up and there simply gone. Has happened twice now since the update. Shutting down and turning on doesn’t help.

Are you dropping them or are they in crates?

Hi sesshomaru_5717,

I’m sorry to hear you have lost crude spears when reloading. I have similar questions to Bisketti…

  • Were the items on the ground or inside crates?
  • If on the ground were they lying on the ground or thrown and stuck into the ground?
  • Did you craft them all as the last thing you did before saving and quitting or did you make them over time?

Any additional infomation you can provide would be greatly appreciated as it can help the team to try replicate it interally and resolve the issue.

Thank you.

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Crafted all at the same time stuck them in the raft which I have always done to save space then saved then eventually quit. Come back and they were all gone from the raft.

If the spears did damages too your raft then they likely rolled off because of all their weight combined and then considered entities

Weird, has never happened before ever until the update

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you sesshomaru_5717 - I’ve passed this info onto the team so they can investigate it.

Please let me know if you’ve noticed this occurs with a particular base or raft floor type and I’ll let the team know.