PS4 raft paddle

So I actually lost my save because my ps4 died, so I don’t know see or anything, but I started a new game on my wife’s ps4 and was reminded of a small issue I was I having on my last game. On my game I completed the paddle would stay floating in the air when I moved the life raft, I would have to grab it and move it separately from the raft. This wasn’t happening when I first started and it’s not happening in my new game. I will try to keep an eye on the game days this play through and see at what point it happens, if it happens again. I definitely noticed between the 2 games, the more days that pass the more these small bugs like this keep happening. The game runs so smooth and perfect at the start of a new game.

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Thanks for the heads up Desmond.
Your detailed description is very useful!
I can confirm that this is a known issue and will add to the bug report on your behalf.

Happens every time i load in and go to leave the island after that i dont have issues til i load back in.


Put the paddle in the storage bag

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I never thought of that, though I use that to BBC store other things

I’ve been doing it since I started lol. Mainly bc I noticed the paddle fell in the water without me noticing or when I was moving the raft

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I actually joined the forums just to comment on this ps4 issue - I also lost my raft paddle due to the float in air bug and I’ve never been able to locate another in any locker or randomly come across my old one. Shy of starting a new game, is there any hope raft paddles can be recovered somehow or found anywhere in game?

If your game is a fairly new one, just go back to the island and walk around the shore. The paddle should be either floating in air or in water by shoreline, I’ve noticed it’s almost standard in the game for the paddle to not be lost, especially on starter island