Ps4/ps5 ver 2121 seed #15041619

SEED #15041619

Hi team, firstly what a game, i love it i have been playing for over a year and have over 260 days survived.

My issues are the same as previous ones, the main one being SAVING! The game has become so unpredictable im starting to not want to play it. It seems to happen sporadically, i have tried saving in an isolated place away deom any buildings or equipment and it still shuts the game down.

As you can imagine after harvesting an entire island this is very annoying. No matter if its a shelter, or sleeping bag, 5 or 6 out of 10 saves shut down the game. I have tried closing the game down completely between sessions and that doesnt seem to work either. I also have the container problem also, after saving and coming ro my raft i find the containers sliding out of the shelving stopping my raft from being able to move. Although somtimes this duplicates the container and its contents which is quite handy sometimes it just empties the shelf and i have to pick it up.

Whichever one of these happens after that, that shelf is unusable, it then has to be destroyed and rebuilt. To be be perfectly honest i can deal with that, but being unable to save properly is ruining my life, so to speak.

Also 1 more thing, i dont know if this is possible but the ability to be able to build downwards would be an absolute game changer, excuse the pun. But for example if you build upwards and have a platform, being able to then place a floor below that floor, and another in need be, then a foundation belowtl that would be amazing and make the experience much more fun, also being able to put steps downwards to.

Anyway i hope most of this can be sorted as i really want to get back to enjoying the game.

Thank you.

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Hi Waft-Unhurt, welcome to the forums,

My sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your report. Thank you for taking the time to submit it and include all of the above details.

I’m happy to hear you love the game - congrats on surviving 260 days so far!

I have a few questions around what you’ve reported if you wouldn’t mind sharing more details.

Please let me know:

  • Are you playing a single player or multiplayer save?
  • When you have an issue with saving, is the game locking up forcing a restart by you, or does the game crash and give you an PlayStation error screen? (I believe the common crash code on PS4 is CE-34878-0)
  • When saving, though I understand you’ve tried multiple methods of saving, do you typically save at 1 location, or do you build shelters on each island you visit and use them?
  • Am I right in saying you strip an entire island or resources then save? Or do you strip the island, return to your own and save?
  • Are you cycling custom islands to add more resources to the game?
  • Do you recall roughly when either in gameplay or in-game days the issue with saving started for you?
  • Do you have a lot of loose resources on your island?
  • As you’re on day 260, I imagine you have a well established base. Could you describe it (or add images of it for me) including the amount of building or collecting of resources you have done?

Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated and may allow me to offer suggestions on how to tackle this issue you are experiencing as well as provide additional information for the team to use in investigating game crashes.

Regarding building downwards, at the moment the team are working on bug fixes and quality of life updates. I do not believe they intend to add additional features such as changes to the build system. However, I will pass your feedback on to them for their consideration.

Thank you, and apologies again for my delayed response.

Hi Clare thank you very much for your reply, so firstly i only really play a single player save, i am ready to finish the story mode but have chosen not to, i just want to enjoy surviving and building. I am cycling three islands closest to my my own, 1 of which is simply shipwrecks and clay deposits. I take a sleeping bag with me to these islands and save multiple times. This is now the only way i can do it without losing so much. This seems to have started probably around day 160 in the game i would say.

For exaple my clay island, it is completely bare, I can harvest some clay, go to my sleeping bag to save, and it will close the game before saving with an error code, this will happen multiple times an hour. The game at the moment seems very jerky during movement and also has developed another issue with crates on the raft. Along with some of them sliding out of storage, some of them now wont open properly, and when they do it is only open for a second and auto closes again.

My island does have lots of loose recources around yes, I have a mountain of palm bunches behind a building, 2 fuel stills, around 12 water stills, around 16 farm plots on a roof, lots of vehicle parts on a beach, a pile of gyrocopters and probably over 100 crates, also has some very big structures i have built, I have 2 sleeping bags also on the island one on each side and again i save multiple times, for example every time i build a little.

I hope this info helps, anything else you need just ask and hopefully we can get these issues resolved. Thank you again for your help it is much appreciated.

Amazing base dude well done :clap:

in the future there will be local multiplayer for console (ps4/ps5)???

Great base! The size of your base and the amount of resources collected is not breaking the game, the game can load an incredible amount of stuff given enough time during loading. (If you reach a map tile’s build capacity, it will just time out and fail to “load current zone” & “clean up”) The lag is caused by the crates in the shelving - the shelves make the crates shift upon rejoining a game, some of them move, some of them duplicate, others disappear entirely but it creates some sort of conflict because of items stacked on top of each other. I do not keep crates in shelves at my base - and only on my raft for single transports, then I unload my raft before saving and quitting.


Hi Waft-Unhurt,

Sorry for my delay in following up with you on this. Thank you for providing that extra information and for sharing the screenshots of your base island - It does looks amazing!

Unfortunately if you are regularly cycling islands to pull more resources into the game, it is possibly starting to push the limits of the game.

As well as this a lot of loose items may have an effect on performance on your base island, and even if stored in crates, enough crates may eventually do the same.

In chatting with team members, they have fixed the root cause of crates shuffling on reload as well as other issues with crates, however these fixes are not retroactive and older saves may still be affected. They are looking into this further, but can you confirm for me, if you recall, what version of the game you started your save in? If you don’t recall, a rough date can help me to estimate it too.

I’ll pass this information onto the team along with your images and if they have any suggestions on workarounds you could try or have any further questions regarding your island I’ll post them here.

Thank you xGnomeGrownx thats a big help.

Ok thank you so much for your rely Clare, since we last spoke i have cleaned up my island and now have very very minimal resources lying around. To answer your question im notsure of the original version but i purchased the game i think in early 2022.

So a few question.

  1. Would it help if i reverted the 3 cycled islands closest to mine to the original islands?

  2. Does the amount of crates itself cause problems, ie empty ones, or is it due to a large number of full crates?

  3. With regard to the old save, is it possible and would it help to backup my original save to usb, delete the save from my ps5 and psn cloud storage, then reload the save to the console?

Thanks again.

Hi Waft-Unhurt,

Thank you for getting back to me, I have responded to each of your questions below:

  1. While it is worth trying, I believe the main issue stems from pulling additional resources into your game from the islands, not the islands themselves. If you do try revert to the original and it makes a difference in your gameplay, please let me know as I’m sure the team would be interested in that information.

  2. I believe it’s crates as a unit in itself rather than whether they have items stored in them or not. Please bear with me, I’ll check with a dev to see if there’s a difference between full and empty crates.

  3. While clearing the cache of the console itself and freshly installing your save may help in the short term, I’m not sure if it will prevent the issues you are having altogether. Again, if you find it does make a significant impact, please do let me know.

You also mentioned you cleared up your island, have you found that has reduced your issues at all or is your save behaving much the same?