[PS4/PS5][2071][Gameplay] Interaction Glitch, Stone deposit

Since you’re already aware of the interaction glitch, I wanted to explain what I was doing when my glitch occurred, in case it’s a different cause then other players.

Everything had been behaving like normal in the game until I broke apart a Stone Deposit on the first island directly to the West of my center island (Little Ancient Crest is the name of the island when viewed in World Editor). After breaking apart the deposit, I was no longer able to interact with most things on the island, except things that were closer to water level. Even then, I had to crouch to interact with some of the objects.

Unlike other players, I don’t know if there were any snakes or boars on this island. I only saw two giant crabs on the island and a bunch of smaller crabs.

I attempted the workaround that has been mentioned, but without success. I made sure to change the settings in the main menu as suggested, including saving the game at the suggested times after changing the settings.

Attempted to reload the save after closing the entire game, issue still occurred. Even tried coming back to the game the following day in real life after my PS5 had been shut off, and the issue still occurred.


The only setting that has been changed throughout the course of my 70 day save slot has been changing between third person and first person camera view mode as needed to view the compass in first person. Obviously, that doesn’t include when I attempted the suggested workaround without success.

Hi KardinalSyn88,

Thank you for reporting your experience and using the bug report format to share these details.

I know it can be hard to tell with some of the underwater deposits with all the coral and underwater plants, but did you notice if you lost any of your deposit parts?

When you were mining the deposit, had you recently arrived at the island, or had you been there for a while? Also, was it a large island with cliffs?

To me, it sounds like a boar should’ve spawned on your island and possibly fell through the terrain. This can be one of the causes of the interaction issue. Unfortunately, because boars are not aggressive, their spawn cycle is not reset by the wildlife workaround which seems to mostly work for players affected by snakes doing the same thing and triggering the issue.

I will however, make a note of the deposit as this may be an item the team need to check to make sure bits that break off aren’t falling through the terrain and causing issues too.

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Hey Clare,

It was actually a Stone deposit in the middle of the island, not a Clay deposit in the water. All of the stones that were dropped from destroying the deposit are laying on the ground in full view, and I don’t think anything fell through the terrain, but I’m not 100% certain.

I had been on that island for a full day already and explored the entire beach area, the shipwrecks surrounding the island, and had just started to explore the center of the island with all of the trees and the stone deposit. There were no cliffs on the island. It had beach all around, an outer layer of trees and bushes, and it had the clearing in the center of the trees where the stone deposit was located. If it helps, the island was named Little Ancient Crest in the world editor.

Hi KardinalSyn88,

Thank you for confirming that the deposits were above ground for me and how long you’d been on the island. I sent a message to the team regarding watching out for the potential loss of deposit parts when mining just in case and have passed on the details of the island and seed in question too. Thank you again :slight_smile:

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