PS4 perspective

So my best friend and myself are both currently playing this game on PS4 Medium and we struggled honestly on the first day we couldn’t even get enough resources on the first day to be able satisfy any of the needs considering they were so demanding we suffered from the negative status effect that made us dehydrate, die more times then we could imagine (which became frustrating) , and found that the reviving system was so underwhelming considering its rare to come by bandages.
This also is a pain when your on the PS4 and you have those 5/10 minute loading screens going out of the main menu and then reloading just felt annoyingly frustrating.
Is there anyway you could just respawn after death back at the campsite it would be amazing if they could implement it into the game.

I know this is something irrelevant but I reckon not being able to have to pick your own gender when you first start is a little disappointing even tho there is a description saying “picking a gender doesn’t not affect the game” but some gamers like myself love to have the freedom of choice!

I should also mention that we are now on our 2nd play through and after heading to another island on the very first day (skipping the first island where you spawn on the first day entirely) we are thriving for now… But it doesn’t have all of the resources that we need to craft, we do sometimes intend to go out exploring but with how significant the negative status effects are we try to make do on what we have… which can indeed be hard.

Hopefully someone else finds a relation to this post.

Happy surviving Taurus :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi TaurusRomance,

Thank you for your feedback gameplay in Multiplayer, I shall pass this onto the team.

With regards to the gender, so I know I am getting this feedback correct, are you saying you are unable to pick when starting a game? (usually the square button changes this) or are you sugguesting addition options for players? Please do let me know if I’m misunderstanding this as I want to make sure I am representing your feedback correctly when pass it onto the team.