[PS4(On PS5)] [2126] Birds some times unretrievable from bird snare

So this happened with the recent 2126, there will be times where the bird snare catches a bird and it prompts you to take it off by using the square button, the notification pops up “you caught a bird!” , but the bird is still on the snare. This happened once so far in a brand new coop game but ended up fixing itself. Like after a time (don’t know what fixed it), I was able to retrieve the bird again.

Hi Bandana_Assault,

I am sorry for my extended delay in responding to your message. Thank you for reporting this issue. I’m glad to hear you were able to retrieve the bird eventually from the share. I’ve passed this information onto the team so they can look into it.

Please let me know if you experienced it again since you reported the issue, and if so, how frequent you find it happens in game, if it is more likely to occur after long gameplay sessions, or anything else you may have noticed that prompts it to occur or right itself. You also mentioned it was a co-op game, please confirm if you were the host or client and if the issue is continuing, if there is a difference in how the issue appears to each player - that would good info for the team to have when trying to replicate the issue internally.

Thank you again.

We havent played again because we just haven’t got the chance to. I know I was the host and it was me trying to take the birds off the snare. I also know we were playing for 7 hours so there’s that. We will try again soon. I think it only happened that one time.

Thanks for letting me know Bandana_Assault, I’ll add it to my report for the team and keep an eye out for any further messages in this thread from you :slight_smile: