PS4..New Update 2126..Can't interact with raft

Can only interact with sail and anchor in crouching position. Then if you try to turn the rudder and forget your crouched you walk right off the raft. Nearly impossible to play like that.

yeah, not really sure about the logic behind that move. they say that they “fixed” it, but it does not seem to have been broken to start with…

Yeah for me the new update broke the “island hermit” trophy, the crafting 10 furnite with scrap trophy. Tried on 2 seperate saves, 1 my main world, 1 new save and new random generated world, but unfortunetly both trophies don’t want to pop…

Cant operate sails or anchor here either while using rudder since update 2126 . I’m playing on PS5. Ive also had no storms.

Hi all,

Apologies for my delay in responding to your messages. While the ability to interact with other objects while operating the rudder for a raft was removed as a fix to prevent some issues. The team are taking all feedback into consideration regarding this and will be reviewing the fix.

For other issues, please create a separate bug report if you have not done so already. Thank you.