[ps4] New crates

I am loving that we can now hold more in the wood crates. However, I am NOT loving that the orange started boxes no longer show everything thats in them and you have to take everything out to find what youre looking for… hopefully that bring back the old view of the boxes.

They know about this one mate i reported it when the update came out hopefully they’ll sort it out soon enough :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Hi JayByrd1979

Thank you for your feedback. As Charlie1992 said the team are aware of it and are looking into it, but I’ll add your feedback to my report too so the team know it’s commented on by multiple players :slight_smile:


Orange boxes? What do you mean?

I believe they were refering to the bonus starter crates. Once you complete the game once, when starting a new save you are given the option to have additional starter crates on the first island that have more storage and some unique items in them.

In version 2104, the storage for regular containers was improved but it accidentally changed how many of the slots in the starter crates you ould see too. This was resolved in version 2107.