**PS4 new container problem for the latest update

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What’s the issue with containers?

That’s strange

The new update let’s you put 5 items in them. I have found out in a bad way that this includes starter crates. These originally had 14 slots. Now only 5. This is where a big issue was found.
I had 5 items in there so I attempted to add more. The items I tried to add have now been lost. This needs addressing so others do not make the same mistake

The items in the starter Crates are still in them, you can get them all out they’re only showing 5 slots but all the slots are still there.

It’s minor inconvenience having to take everything out to figure out what’s in there but nothing game breaking and the devs know about it.

They know about this mate i reported it on day 1 a few others including yourself have also reported it clare is aware of the situation :+1:t3:

Hi Rannock,

Thank you for reporting this, as @Charlie1992 mentioned the team are aware of this and are investigating the issue and as @Lothaer mentioned while it is not ideal, it is still possible to retrieve your items as the issue is in the inventory display showing only 5 slots. This occured when the other crates were adjusted and the display for the starting crate was also accidentally adjusted to match.

Thank you Charlie1992 and Lothaer for sharing that info.

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