Ps4 Multiplayer cartographer

I just had a few questions when it came to multiplayer co-op. Is there anyway to Use cartographer to make custom islands so you and some friends can play on that island also if we can’t make new islands wouldn’t the game run out of resources.

The multiplayer map is the same as the Single Player map.

If you change the single player map you change Simultaneously the coop map.

So if I jump into a single player game the starting island will be the same for Multiplayer and what about the island that is red indicating what island you’re on it doesn’t change even though I moved islands. Then let’s say I change one of the islands but the island I change is the one I’m currently on in my multiplayer game?

the red island is the one you are on in single player. if you don’t have a single player save then it’s the starting island in the middle.

in multiplayer you have to be careful not to delete the island you are on or your base if it is not the same island as in single player.

Anyway, if you change the island you are on in multiplayer then you spawn there with the changes. your character and inventory don’t disappear, only all items lying around and buildings.

This happened to me with an island on which I had only built a tent. i deleted the custom island and after the original island was back, the tent was back too.

I don’t know how it is with big bases though. better be careful