[PS4][Latest][Savefiles] saves reset

First day playing! :slight_smile:

When i have saved at the shelter, and i go to the main menu, i have no save files :frowning:
It does show up on my up-/download files option on the PS4, but it doesnt help

Kind regards

Hi Sovsekage, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with saving on your console.

Please let me know:

  • Is the version number in the bottom left of the main menu showing number 2083?

  • What save slot are you playing on?

  • Are you playing Multiplayer or Single player? (Please note the days survived will remain at 0 in the main menu if a multiplayer game type was used)

  • When saving at the shelter, did you receive a “Game Saved” notification in the bottom left of the screen?

  • Can you confirm for me you used the “Save Game” option instead of sleeping - please note sleeping does not save the game.

  • When attempting to load your save, is the continue option missing?

  • If the continue option is there, please describe what happens when you select it.

  • Do you recall what you did in the game and how long your gameplay session was before you decided to quit and exit to the main menu?

  • Please describe how you quit / closed the game

  • If you quit to the main menu, did you immediately load in again / check the cartographer?

  • Was the game / console suspended / put into rest mode with the game running at any point?

I understand there’s a lot of questions, but any extra information you can give me would be greatly appreciated as it may help the team to discover why your game is not saving for you.

Thank you.