Ps4 Latest Patch Inventory and toolbelts gone

I was playing on patch 5 for consoles and after the newest update my inventory and tool belt are all gone. My inventory was a compass some smoked meat. And my toolbelt had a crude axe ,a torch,a refined knife and oxygen tank. And all my skills were reset


Hi LuminarySky,

Thank you for creating this bug report and letting me know what you had in your inventory. For the save this occurred on, was it created in version 2009 or earlier in version 1820, if you recall?

Again I am sorry to hear this has happened in your save. If you have other saves when this has or has not occurred, please let me know.

I believe this save was on 2009.

Thank you, I shall add the details of your experience to my report for the team. If you notice anything else please let me know.

Ami me ha pasado igual

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The same has happened to me