[PS4] Infinite Red Container panels

The red container on the cargo ship wreck near my starting Island provides infinite panels. Both walls as the door panels. This is goes for all the red containers on this ship. I tried a red container on an adjacent island and the same thing occurs. So I think its a map wide/particular seed problem.

I also used various slicing tools. The stone tool and crude knife.




To add, this post. I experience this as well with the red containers.

[PS4][2033]Shipping Container Doors - Console Forums / [Console] Suggestions - Stranded Deep (strandeddeepgame.com)

Hi Wollysbrother,

Thank you for reporting this issue and linking the video from another relevant post too. This is one the team are aware of but I’ll add the information that you’ve found this for all containers in your game to my report and what tools you used when you experienced it.

I shall also add this issue to the Known Issues section. If you used any of the container parts in contruction on your island, have you found any lag issues or issues with breaking the parts back down?