[PS4/5] Connection and issues in multiplayer

I can echo those issues myself. Ever since co-op came on board, connection has been bad. Ping shows when the session is being created and server selected and has consistently been 230-280 for my and my friend. He brings his PlayStation over so we’re sitting in the same room on different TV’s. Server location doesn’t seem to matter.

Things disappearing happens to us once in a while too. He’ll drop something and I can’t see it. He’ll build something, like boat pieces, and I can’t see it. It’s there on his screen. Usually happens if playing for a while and ends up booting one of us within a few minutes it starts happening.

Most if the time upon session creation too, player 2 (player joining the game) can’t see container contents until player 1 removes the items and then puts them back in. Then everything shows up fine.

But yeah, the connection issue would be the best fix ever. We normally can only play for 2-3 hours reconnecting 5-6 times during that period because player 2 loses connection so we both quit, even restart the game completely.

We’re both on PlayStation. He’s on 4, I’m on 5. I’ve tried playing on my 4 as well in case that helped anything and it doesn’t.

Hi SnakeEyez, welcome to the forums,

I moved your post to it’s own topic as I have some followup questions for you about your experience and I didn’t want to cause any confusion in replies. The link to the original post you were responding to and referencing, is at the bottom of your post.

I’m sorry to hear similar issues are affecting your gameplay too, and thank you for taking the time to share your experience and to answer the questions I had put to the other player in the original post.

When you are playing with your friend, are either of you using a wired connection, or are both of you on wireless?

When stuff fails to appear in the game, where only one of you can see it, is it the host or player 2 the items fail to appear for? Or does it occur for both of you?

Is the host ever booted from the game also, or is it just player 2?

The issue with contents of containers not being visible to player 2, is one the team are aware of and are working on. Sometimes items might appear floating outside the container, but they are still invisible inside - has this happened for you at all? Unfortunately the only workaround for this issue is as you described - the host needs to remove and replace the items, which I understand if you’ve a lot of containers this can be very time consuming and frustrating for players.

Thank you again for reporting your experience of this issue. The team have found some disconnection triggers and are working to replicate issues and disconnects players are describing. Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated as it may help the team in narrowing down causes of disconnects.

Thank you

Host has to restart to invite you back into the game. I have pictures of what is going on if you would love to see them. I have a lot of mess ups in the game. Floating sticks food that you put down and flies in the air. No smoker.

We are both wired, no one is on wireless.

When things fail to appear, player 2 is the only one to experience it. The host seems to always see things.

Both host and player 2 get booted at times. It’s a coin flip on who gets booted first. At least when it’s player 2, host can save before quitting again and restarting to invite me back

And yes, over seen the items floating in/over containers, but that usually goes away once host re-inserts item again.

Thank you so much!

Hi SnakeEyez,

Thank you for that information.

Would you mind trying both consoles on wireless? I know this is not ideal, but we had another player resolve some connection issues with someone in the same household by switching to wireless. This may help narrow down or eliminate another issue.

I recently learned that two playstations on the same network can experience some connectivity issues. If your friend is able to test his connection from home, do the same disconnects occur?

There is a very slight chance that the PlayStations could have the same IP address as each other or something else in the household while being on the same network - particularly if the network on the consoles was set to manual instead of automatic when being set up. This is getting into PlayStation network tech support territory which I’m not really qualified to advise on (PlayStation’s connection support info can be found here: https://www.playstation.com/en-ie/support/connectivity/?category=internet-connection&subCategory=internet-connection-set-up ) but I’d be interested to know if your set up matches any of these conditions as I can report them back to the team.

Thanks again,

I will give this a try on Sunday when he comes over again. Everything’s worth a shot.

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This honestly depends if they where on a switch or a router. Routers hand out ip addresses. Switches do not. It is a stupid router. Had no definite programing beside this ip here oh no more. A router can be both static or dhcp. So they need to check if they have a router or a switch.

Yes that may clear up by a slim slim chance. Remember, it also depends on them getting kicked off if it is a router easy determination is to check the ip addresses to see if its static or dhcp.
Normal ip address with a router starts with 192.168.■■.■■ check the gateway. 192.168.■■.■■ if its close. You are on a router.

If you have one ip. With a different gateway way. Then you might be on a switch. It should say it too. Routers sometimes have antennas.