PS4 | 2130 | Stats Reset

My wife (host) and I (2nd player) have been playing Stranded Deep for a while now, quite a few weeks, about 2 months, and then all of a sudden, I lose ALL of the stats that I worked so hard to build up. We play on PS4, and there have been SOOO many glitches. I’m sorry to say, but the last update was better than this newest update, 2130.

We are experiencing glitches when we save our game where the game completely closes down before the saving process is completed, finding ourselves at the last save, which also means that all of our hard work building and gathering resources…lost! Another glitch we have noticed is where we can’t use any actions; like being able to swing a refined axe, and same for all items.

And there are more glitches that we have noticed, however, what made me quit playing this game was (and we were up to 1 Day, 21 Hours, according to the in-game time metrics) is that ALL of my stats were reset. The other glitches were slightly annoying, but I was able to manage them and get the game to work again, but this glitch that reset ALL of my stats, and I have tried everything, but the stats I worked SO hard for are gone, and I cannot get them back for some reason.

These glitches (among others) did not start until the recent updated version (2130) for PS4.

Is there any way that you can help me? Unless I get my stats back, I seriously don’t want to play any longer. I worked very hard to get where I was, and then this horrible mess happens. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Hi Jvbeatz5674, welcome to the forums

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues within your multiplayer game after the update to 2130. Thank you for reporting these issues to us.

Please let me know:

  • When you say the game completely closes down before saving, do you mean the game crashes while you are trying to save? Please let me know who is saving when this happens and if you’re using a shelter or bedroll to save.
  • When you can’t use any actions, does this only affect you as player 2, or does your wife experience this as host also?
  • With regards to the stats lost, have you found playing again can restore the stats as if the Player 2 character was completely reset, or are the stats locked and cannot be progressed at all?
  • Was anything else about your character affected, such as inventory, tool belt, etc?

I completely understand how disheartening and frustrating losing your stats can be. I will submit this information to the team for investigation.

I unfortunately do not know of any confirmed workaround that may help restore your stats, but you may wish to try having your wife clear out the cache of the console and reloading the save.

Player 2 is a “seat” that someone occupies when joining a host game. If another profile were to join the game, they would take the position of Player 2, with all of the stats, inventory etc. The host console would maintain this data. It may be worth trying, if you have another PlayStation profile or a friend who can assist, having another profile join the game to see if there is any stat info for Player 2 loads for them.

Please note however, that if the game was saved after this issue occurred, it’s possible the reset state of Player 2 would have been saved also. I would need info from the team members investigating this issue to confirm if it would be possible to restore your stats.

They may also ask for a copy of the save file from your wife. I will respond here again should they ask me to request it.