[PS4][2130][Containers] Duplication... what's your record?

How many containers have you had in one place? Has anyone else experienced this duplication of containers?

My record was 14 until I just found one that’s 20 “thick” (A container on a cargo shipwreck on my base island).

Hi DemonStar89,

It sounds like you’re refereing to multiple red cargo containers overlapping each other?

There was an issue with this in an older version where players found they could open the door multiple times because the containers were overlapping. If I recall correctly a save and reload could potentially duplicate the container.

However this was fixed in a previous version. If this is indeed what is occuring for you, please let me know and I’ll inform the team a similar issue may be occuring again.

If I’ve misunderstood what’s happening in your game, please let me know and I can follow up with the team on any other issues.

Obviously after reading this, you know I went to harvest more panels, and it’s not happening for me, kinda sad! :pensive:

I’ll check to see if it is just the door glitching or if I can harvest that many panels or doors off of it.

Although an update file has just been downloaded and installed in the background while I watch a movie on my PS4… so I’ll see what happens if I visit the same container.

Thanks DemonStar89 - I’ll keep an eye out for any update from you on this.

While I understand you’re disappointed xGnomeGrownx, knowing it doesn’t happen to everyone is helpful, thank you for commenting :slight_smile: