[PS4] 2121 Day 20 Horrific Pacific trophies bug

I’ve been playing stranded deep for the past few days and i m trying to unlock all the trophies and get the platinum.
However, i’ve been experiencing an issue regarding the trophies day 20 and horrific pacific.
I’m playing multiplayer with a friend and i am player 2 (not the host). Im worried since he already got that trophy (Day 20) but i didn’t.
I hope you see this message and solve this problem.
Thank you.

PS: Nobody but me as player 2 joined this game and we are playing random world so its expected to all trophies (except those 2 you mentioned) pop
No desyncs were experienced and we both play on PlayStation.

Hi Clapped_by_Ellie,

Thank you for reporting this. I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with unlocking these achievements.

With Day 20, the team are aware of an issue with this trophy unlocking for Player 2 and are currently working on a fix for it. When they reproduced it internally, it appeared the cause of the issue was the days for Player 1 and Player 2 going out of sync after sleeping. I’m not sure if there is a workaround that will help unlock it before the fix is released. But you please let me know if you can see days being out of sync on your watch, or if initiating sleep as Player 2 helps at all.

Regarding Horrific Pacific, this should unlock once you’ve finished the tutorial. Can you confirm for me if you finished the tutorial (no instructions left in the top left of your screen) and if you did, did you finish it at roughly the same time as the host? Please also let me know if you completed any of the tutorial on a custom island. While this shouldn’t affect this trophy, it’ll be good to know for the team when they try replicating the issue internally.

If something auto-completes for you when the host completes it, please try completing those steps again.

Sorry for postin this too late
Regardin the day 20 trophy both me and host are on the same day, which means that we survived 26 days
About horrific pacific, like i said before, we completed the tutorial and on a generated map (not custom).
Thank you and good work

Hi Clapped_by_Ellie,

Thank you for confirming that information for me. I shall pass this onto the team.

Should they have any further questions, particularly around the horrific pacific trophy, I’ll post them here.

In the mean time, if you continue playing and find the Day 20 trophy or Horrific Pacific pop at a delayed time, please let me know.

Thank you again.

Hi Clapped_by_Ellie,

I wanted to follow up to confirm the team have found the fix for the Day 20 issue and are working to release to players as soon as they can.

Regarding Horrific Pacific, they also confirmed there should be no tutorial in Co-Op mode. Meaning Horrific Pacific is unlocked at the start of single player. Can you confirm for me if you saw a tutorial appear in the top left in multiplayer, or if perhaps the error is with a different trophy?

Thank you.

Yes, you re right there were no tutorial in co op so its normal that me and my friend didn’t get the trophy
Thanks anyway.
PS: I’l update you as soon i get the trophy regarding day 20

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