PS4/2107/Fishing spear/Can’t take fish from spear

When hunting with the fishing spear I can not remove my kill from the spear without dropping my spear to the ground and interacting with it on the floor.


No settings changed


Tried reloading game and clearing cache but did not solve the issue.


Known issue which has been made aware of countless times on the forum, the team are aware of this issue and no doubt will be patched in the next update in 6 months time :+1:

Hi Corbyboi,

Thank you for reporting this issue. As Breckabick mentioned above this is an issue the team are aware of and have created a fix for. They will be testing it and release it as soon as possible.

While unfortunately I cannot give an exact date for the fix, I can confirm that it should be within the next update which the team are packaging together with the aim to release it soon.

Once the update is released and I have the confirmed contents list, I will post it in news and announcements.

Thank you.