Ps4,2107, bat sounds, there's bats everywhere!

The bat sound plays when i come up for air, tends to stick around for a bit after as well. No matter the time of day. I haven’t been bothered enough to pay attention to whether it happens on all islands, but I’m on thing 3(created island). Also ive attempted no fixes as it is not that bad. Just weird to hear underwater. (No bats, just the sounds, the bats appear as normal)


Default settings, two created islands(named after my two favorite things)

No bats were harmed during the writing of this post.
Thanks for yer time!

Hi Gadget483,

Thank you for reporting this. I’ll pass this info onto the team.

If you notice any common occurrences of the issue, such as when you’re near a particular type of ship, fish or as you said, only on custom islands, please let me know.

I know the team has been investigating this issue, but as it doesn’t happen for every player, it can be hard to replicate internally, so any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again.

I also hear bats underwater. I’ll try to document what I’m near when it happens.
I don’t have custom islands and have heard it quite often. Also I’m on XBOX.

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Thanks for confirming that Lanny. Please do let me know if you notice any common factors in when this sound is triggered for you.

Again thank you for gifting me some of your time. I have been trying out all sorts of stuff, however it really seems random. It does only happen during the day time, but the time during that day didn’t seem to do any thing. Different tools/weapons/items dont matter, though i had slightly better luck with the refined pick. Different islands do not make a difference. Different wild life around, stuff in my inventory, nothing really stuck out. I even tried a new save on a default settings map and it happened. I did notice it did not happen on the “starter” island. It does only tend to happen while I’m swimming, on shore the only bat noise is when they are around.
Pun fully intended, but there are bigger fish to fry. Bat noise is not that bad, I can’t pull a fish off of my spear(I know you folks will fix it, you always do). You fellers keep up the great work. I’ll keep beating this till sumpin similar comes out.

Thank you for all of that info Gadget483 and for taking the time to try and observe a common factor in your save. This may at least help the team narrow it down somewhat.

Regarding the fish on the spear, the team are already on that :+1:

I’m glad the bats noise is not too disruptive to your gameplay and you’re continuing to enjoy the game.

If not notice anything else, please do not hesitate to report it and I’ll pass it onto the team.

Thanks again.