PS4 2104 Tool Belt Slots broken


One of the tools on my tool belt broke during use, but after crafting a replacement, the slot on my tool belt would not accept a new tool (held down the inventory button to assign the belt slot, but it doesn’t allow me to highlight the alot, so I can’t put any tools in). After a little experimentation, I have found that ANY tool being removed from the belt glitches out a slot on the belt, so dropping all tools made the belt utterly useless. My save file only has one ruined belt slot, but it’s still a huge detriment. This can be replicated with refined axe, refined spear, clay flask, and refined knife.


Default settings, no islands added


  1. Have tool in slot on belt
  2. Remove tool from inventory (break or drop)
  3. Try to favorite a new tool in the same slot
  4. Slot will not highlight, so tool cannot be put in

I have tried reloading my save, the glitch can still be replicated, but my save point was after the first slot was glitched so that may be why. I have also fully closed out of the game and restarted (didn’t work), and fully turned off my console for a few minutes to clear the cache, which also did not work.

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+1 on this. Happened in the same way after a tool breaking in the dpad up slot. Already had right crafted which was fine. I crafted down after the glitch, and it’s also unusable.

Hi Northodontist, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear this toolbelt issue is affecting your save. Thank you for detailing your experience and for providing clear steps in how this happened in your game. I have passed all on these details onto the team.

Another player had reported a similar experience but found that if they swapped the the tool with another before it was broken that they could continue to use the slot. I understand this is not and ideal workaround but have you found this to be the case in your save also?

Hi @BenjiAus, welcome to the forums and I’m sorry this has affected your save too. Can you confirm if you’re also on PS4 and if you noticed the workaround mentioned above at all?

Thank you both.

I have a similar experience.

When pressing the d pad the tool belt slot does not highlight but the function still works for me.

If you press the dpad anyway in the desired direction and continue to select the tool as you would with the analog stick, again it doesnt highlight the tool but it still comes up with the (a)/(x) to select it.

Its just the highlights that arent showing on each menu in my experience.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for that info @samiswild - I appreciate you adding your experience with this issue and have passed this onto the team. This my indicate an error in a different aspect of the game and is great info for the team to have.

@Northodontist and @BenjiAus Does what you see occuring in the menu match with samiswilds description above? While I understand not having items highlight is not ideal, can you continue and add items to the toolbelt / see the prompt to do so?