[PS4][2104][Storage?]Coconut drink piles refill empty coconut drinks

Title pretty much says it all. I’ve had a bunch of empty coconut drinks laying together since the previous update. Upon creating a pile for them and accidently pulling a few out, I noticed they were filled again. Upon further inspection, i noticed that any empty coconut added to the pile would instantly refill, effortlessly giving me a limitless source of hydration.

I have not found a way to prevent this from occuring.

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Hi Darkseany,

Thank you for reporting this and for providing a description of your experience. We don’t often get reports about issues like this, and greatly appreciate them because even if some players find them benificial, they may have unseen side effects that can affect the game.

Thanks again.

This has carried over from PC

To followup - Lothaer is correct this has carried over from PC and the team are aware of this issue occuring with Piles. I have added to the pre existing PC report that this is now on Console too so the team are aware of it.

Thought they were just capturing rain water. Guess not. Lol

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Oh great I thought I was the only one who noticed that or that it was happening to lol I thought I was privileged :joy:

I just treat it as Rain if Filling them up. XD

Since water from other is basically infinite. (since fuel regrows)