[PS4][2104]Custom island wildlife

I made a custom island with very few things like a boar and a giant crab I got to the island and seen the boar and possibly the giant crab I started making tools and doing survival stuff not touching or going near the boar or giant crab after a few minutes both of those animals disappeared and nowhere to be found on the island


Custom island: 1
I had my wildlife set to passive at the time

What steps, if known, can cause this issue to occur for you?

-Have you tried reloading your save, game or console?

-Have you tried clearing the cache of the console by shutting down for 2 mins before rebooting?

-Is there anything else you tried to alleviate the issue?

I’ve tried setting the wildlife to removed and back to default saving and reloading each time

Sounds like a silly suggestion i agree but have you checked the water ? And i dont mean just the shallows either. Ive had this before on xbox i created a custom and like you put the animals on passive slept woke up and they’d gone. It wasnt untill i went looking for the clay i found them all in deep waters so you might wanna check if you havent already before you give up all hope :crossed_fingers:t3:

Possibly related but I’m also playing on a custom island (PS5)

All the animals spawned but after I killed them all they haven’t respawned and it’s been longer than 7 days.

Also it seems Sharks do not spawn on custom islands at all

Yup, same on xbox mate and to be honest i dont think ive ever seen sharks on custom islands but could be wrong

Hi Sniperlife19, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting this.

@Charlie1992 already beat me to my first suggestion which is looking in the water as I know whatever stops them going into the water on game generated islands does not appear to work correctly on custom islands - the team are aware of this but as far as I know it’s a lower priority in comparison to other issues the team are working on at the moment.

Also I believe Charlie1992 mentioned sometimes changing settings can reset the spawn timer. If you remove them and switch them back on, it can take a few in-game days to respawn. Not sure if this is what happened to you @Lothaer or if the spawning has failed.

The team is also aware of sharks not spawning on custom islands, but thank you Charlie1992 and Lothaer for mentioning it, it’s good to know how many people these issues affect and this one doesn’t get reported too often.

Sniperlife19, if sharks are also missing for you, please let me know.

Thanks all.

Yea 9 times outta 10 there in the water for me personally anyway. But yea they do not respawn after they have been killed unless you turn the animals off and then back on again. And then after that its usually 2/3 days before they respawn again

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Awesome suggestions, ive found my boar somehow alive in the water lol


My work here is done :joy::joy:

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Ah excellent - thank you for confirming your boar was found @Sniperlife19

@Charlie1992 :rofl: Thank you again, and thanks for also confirming the spawning rates you experience. I’ll follow up with the team on these.

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No worries clare its not a big deal personally so when ever it gets sorted it gets sorted atleast the team are aware thats all that matters really

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