Ps4-2083-watering farm plots

Has anyone else had a problem watering their farming plots? I’m sure I’ve watered my farming plot on another island via a coconut flask but it won’t let me anymore on this island so i crafted a leather flask and it still won’t let me. I’ve read that apparently clay flasks work? But is this something the Devs are already aware of and are working on a patch? As you would use anything to water your farming plot plus frustratingly I know I’ve watered my previous plot on another island with just a coconut flask so I can’t understand why I can’t now. Still loving the game though just hope there are some patches for some of the in game issues soon and maybe even possibly more crafting options as the fronds are such a waste! And we could craft clothing from it ie grass skirt or weave something like a basket for carrying supplies on your back, clothes with the loom, just ideas :bulb: but it would be awsome. Either way love the escapism of the game great to de-stress at the end of a day. :relaxed:

Hi Fruitbat,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I’m sorry to hear you’re having an issue with watering your farming plot on additional islands.

Please let me know:

  • Is the new island you’ve moved to one generated by the game or is it a custom one you made yourself?

  • Is there a plant in the planter already? If so, which plant is it?

  • What type of planter are you using?

  • Are you seeing a prompt for watering that is not working, or is the prompt also missing?

  • Did the water run down completely / is the plant dead? If so you may need to remove the dead plant and replant it before you can water it again. It is also my understanding that you can’t water an empty plot. If there is a healthy plant in the plot, please try replanting it, on the off chance there is an issue that caused the game not to recognise it in the planter when it was first planted.

Any extra info you can provide on the setup in your gameplay would be greatly appreciated and may help me to determine if the issue is something the team are aware of or if it’s something new that I will submit a new report to the team for.

Thank you also for your feedback and suggestions :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the game and I can confirm the team are working on fixes for issues reported by players, though I don’t have a release date for the next update.