[PS4] [2083] [snake] [hand broken] [coconut] [wollie]

Hello! I’ve been having a problem with my game, with the snakes. I found that ground snakes are no longer attacking the player. they just make an attack noise and run away. the player is not poisoned or injured. I’ve already tested it with sea snakes and lion fish and they are normal. only terrestrials have this problem. I’ve also tested it on another save, and the same thing happens. I wanted to take advantage of this topic to warn that the character’s hand gets weird when it picks up a stone, a coconut or even the wollie. the hand seems to be broken when it picks up any of these items. and when i’m holding the wollie i can’t jump. another bug that bothers me is coconut. when I shoot a spear or an arrow at a coconut in a palm tree, the coconut falls, but the spear or arrow gets stuck in the palm tree. So I have to climb the palm tree anyway to retrieve the spear or arrow. Anyway, these are some bugs I found in the game. Sorry if there were some mistakes in the text, but I use google translator to be able to communicate because I still don’t speak fluent English. I love your game S2

Hi Vingu,

Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues within Stranded Deep. I’ve responded to each issue you mentioned below, and I have some extra questions about each if you wouldn’t mind answering.


  • Are these snakes on a custom island you have created or an island generated by the game?

  • Can you confirm for me what difficulty settings you are using?

  • Are you playing a multiplayer or single player game?

Characters hand

  • Are you noticing this is first person or third person mode?

  • Can you further describe or provide an image of what you are referring to? I want to make sure I’m describing it correctly for the team.


  • I believe the team may be aware of not being able to jump when holding wollie, but I’ll pass this info onto them to make sure.

Coconuts - spears and arrows

  • Thank you for reporting this, I’ll pass this onto the team so they can investigate it.

If there’s anything else you wish to report, please do not hesitate to do so and thank you again for reporting your experience of these issues.

about snakes: snakes are like that on both types of island. custom and game generated ones. I’m playing on hard mode and wildlife are on default. but this also happens on the game’s normal difficulty. I’m playing a single player game.

about hands: I notice this in the game’s first-person mode. I have two comparison prints of how it was before and how it is now:

the first image is as it was before. the second is as it is now

The hands looks like glitched

this happens to any item the character holds in this way. such as: stones, coconuts, large meats, wollie etc.

Hi Vingu - Thank you for that additional information about the issues you’re experiencing and how your game is set up. Thank you also for taking the time to provide those two comparision shots of the hands - I can see what you mean, the model of the had does look a bit distorted and I’ll pass this onto the team so they can investigate.