PS4 2083 raft building issues

Has anyone else had an issue with trying to craft a larger raft. I’ve tried everything suggested in tutorials but for some reason i can only craft a single unit raft. I can not attach more bases or build bigger bases from the start or do anything it seems to increase the size of my raft. I’ve tried everything and sussed how to deconstruct my raft but it will not allow me to craft a bigger raft.

After you have made a single raft vase every base you make thereafter must be placed next to the first base before being crafted.

Go to craft your second base but place the build ghost (?) next to your first base, it will snap to it and turn blue.

You will have better luck doing this in the water.


Hi Fruitbat,

Please see @Lothaer’s description above about crafting rafts and building onto the raft. (Thank you Lothaer!)

I’m going to move this to the general discussion section of the forum as it is a general game crafting question rather than a bug within the game. If you believe there is an issue persisting in the game however, please let me know and I can move it back and investigate further.

Please note that parts build separately cannot be joined together at a later stage. Players have also experienced difficulty in the game when it comes to deconstructing their raft. Base parts that are attached by only 1 side can often be broken back down, but once they’re attached to something on 2 sides the issue can appear. Some players have been able to break them down again without issue, and others have found they can break items down if they flip the raft upside down too. It may not affect your save but felt it may be something you would want to know and keep in mind as you work on your raft.

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Thanks everyone that worked brilliantly I finally have a larger raft whooo! :v:t2::purple_heart:

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