[PS4][2078] Trophy "Day 20" is not unlocking


I am playing Stranded Deep with my friend in duo from the begginig. Only with each other and he is the host.
At Day 10 there were in a bit unsync and he got the achivment bit earlier, but the Day 20 achievement was only unlocked for him. We are currently at Day 42 and it is still not unlocked for me.

Is there any way to change the trigger of the achievement pop up from Day ==20 to Day >= 20? Or is there any other possibiliies to get it without starting overe?

Platform: PS4
Game version Always updated, 2078

Thanks for the response well in advance

Hi Builder94, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear this issue is occuring for you in his multiplayer save.

If you both look at your Watches in game, are the days matching for your or have they gone out of sync?

Have you been the only player who has played as Player 2 on this save?

It may be worth both yourself and your host trying to clear the cache of the consoles by shutting down and unplugging for 2 minutes before rebooting to see if then a fresh load of the save would trigger the trophy for you.

I will double check with the team to see if there is a way to trigger this trophy after day 20 has passed.

Please also let me know if you recall what yourself and the host were doing when the achievement unlocked for him.

Thank you

Oh, I forgot to add, please be sure to check the trophies list on your PS4 too. Sometimes notifcations may not pop up in game so if you have not checked the list, you may find it unlocked without telling you - you may wish to check this after clearing the cache to, to be sure.

Hi Clare,
Thanks for the tip. We will try to clear the cache and see what happens tomorrow.
Yes, we Always only played together, so Player 1 (host) not even loaded the save alone.

At Day 20, we did not do anything special when it popped up to player 1. We were in an island and collecting stuffs. So not sailing/fighting with boss.

I have also checked the trophy list is PS4, but it is not updated there as well.

I hope that your tip will work or there is another way to fix it.

I will come back with the results once we tried it out.

Many thanks for your efforts in advance,
Best regards

We tried out clearing the cache and check if the trophy pop up, but unfortunafelly still not. :frowning:

Hi Builder94,

Thank you for that extra information and update. I’m sorry to hear this as still not unlocked for you. I have passed on all your details to the team and should they have any further workaround suggestions I will let you know here.

Since this issue occured, if you have continued playing with your friend, have any other trophies unlocked correctly? I was wondering if unlocking another trophy could trigger the Day 20 one to unlock for you too.

There is a possibility this occured due to desync issues. I would recommend to avoid it happening for other trophies that as soon as you notice desync starting you reload the save.

Hello Clare,
The other trophies works correctly, but the Day 20 trophy was still note triggered after we achieved those.

The following achievements were done.
From day 30-40 —> Call me Ahab
From day 40-50 —> “Island Hermit” together with “Gone Green”

The desnyc seems to be disappeared. We got the above mentioned achivments at the same time.

So it seems, other trophies even those that are time related does not trigger the Day 20 achievement :frowning:

Hello Clare,
One more question.
Is the “Out of the frying pan” and “Magnets, how do they work” only pop up for the host?
It is also disappointing, that it did not pop up for me. We tried twice, with no success…

At the plane if I (player 2) wants to interract with the plane to go home, it says only the host can interract, moreover the task that has to be done in the plane is also not possible for me to do interract with.

I am not too happy now :frowning:

Hi Builder94,

I’m sorry to hear those other trophies did not trigger the “Day 20” trigger to unlock for you. I’ll note this for the team in my report.

With regards to the other trophies, I wasn’t sure about this so I checked with the team. They said that both “Out of the Frying Pan” and “Magnets, how do they work” are both only unlocked for the host. It is designed this way because of how multiplayer works. As anyone can join in and take the player2 position in the save at the end of the game and claim the trophies without having played through the whole save.

I understand that after playing the game, avoiding using compasses and getting to the end scenario as the only player2 who has joined that save, this can be very frustrating and disheartening. I will pass this feedback onto the team and see if there is a way that they can clarify this for players in the game when playing.

My friend and I also noticed that some of the achievements I got for finishing the game (playing on Xbox Series X) did not register for him. I think he did get something, not sure which one (although I thought he said he got “Magnets, how do they work”), I’ll double check with him and update this post accordingly. I am actually glad that my friend didn’t, because of the reason stated above for the feature. He wasn’t actually a part of most of my game, and we were trying to “cheat the system” to get him the achievements anyway. I like the integrity factor of making each player earn the rewards fully. Though it seems from reading above that Builder94 did in fact earn all the same rewards as his host, provided they really did only load into the game together and always quit at the same time. Seems like this could be a complicated scenario to remedy, but it would amazing (and certainly more fair to this type of what may be a rare scenario) if there was some way to track that the guest was present for 100% of the save file and reward them accordingly. Of course, if the guest gets disconnected at any time, that would then compromise the effectiveness of this method. Just putting my two cents in, props to Builder94! You earned it in my book.

Happy escaping, fellow survivors!

PS: You should make your friend help you with you being the host in return, if able, since you did so for him. That way you can get all the trophies as well!

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