[PS4][2078][Multiplayer disconnects] P2 gets kicked of, when P1 throws rotten eggs away

Hello there,

No custom Island, animals on passiv
we were playing Coop online for 3 or 4 hours without problems yesterday, when this problem occurs:

P1 had some cooked eggs in the inventory, eat a few and saw, that 3 of them were rotten. So he tried, to get rid of them. P2 was hacking some wood on the same island and got a disconnect.
P1 saw, that the eggs were still in his inventory, while P2 logged into the game again.
In the second, he was online again, P1 again throw the rotten eggs away. P2 was disconnected again.
We got suspicious, P2 logged in again, P1 waited and did nothing until he was returned.
P1 tried again, to throw the rotten eggs away, they were still all 3 in his inventory. P2 disconnected in the same second.

After that, P1 saved the game, restarted the game and had the lost inventory and toolbelt problem, others have already told about.

I hope, this helps and my english is not too weird.

Hi Shadowpanther76, welcome to the forums

Thank you for reporting this issue and please do not worry about your English. I understood your report perfectly and appreciate your posting in english. (In future, if you prefer you’re welcome to type in your prefered language and include an english translation underneath, so long moderators can read the post I don’t mind which method of posting you choose :slight_smile: )

I just wanted to double check with you that when you say that P1 was throwing the items away, do you mean dropping them from their inventory, or dropping them from their hand and if there is anywhere in particular that they were dropping them such as in the ocean, on the beach etc? This info may help the team to replicate the issue when testing it for themselves.

Thanks again for reporting this issue, I’m sorry to hear you also experienced the toolbelt problem, I’ll make a note of the potential link for the team when submitting my report on the eggs issue for the team.