PS4 2078 bugged trophy Call me Ahab

I beat the game and I did not get the trophy for collecting all sea monster trophies. I tried having them all in my inventory, hung on a wall and replaced on hooks.

I am unable to craft them again if I throw them in the void. Not sure what my options are.

I have had issues with the crops on the same island and the 10 days on one island trophies as well. The 10 days at sea may be an issue because it won’t let me use the bed roll on my raft to sleep.

I have been playing on private multiplayer.

Hi HazyKinkajou, sorry I had not seen this post when I responded to your other response in a similar thread. Thank you for sharing your experience and separating it out into a new topic, I’m sorry to hear this has affected you too.

When you crafted the trophies, did you craft them on your starting island or another island / home base island? If you bring the trophies to your starting island, place them on the ground and hang them up, then place them in your inventory, does this unlock the trophy for you?

For the crops trophy and the 10 days trophy, are these also still not unlocked or did they unlock eventually for you?

The sleeping on the raft issue I believe should have been fixed in the last update to 2078, have you tried this recently and found you were unable to sleep on your raft? I know some players were using the workaround of gathering resources and spending 10 days awake on an island which should also unlock the trophy. However some have found this can be a tricky workaround due to character tiredness and involves mostly waiting inside a hut with enough food and water.

If you are still unable to sleep on your raft, can you confirm for me if your sleeping bag and raft were crafted in the current version 2078 or if they were crafted in an earlier version? While most fixes are retroactive, sometimes crafting new versions of items is required. If your sleeping bag is old, please try crafting a new one to see if that works for you.