Ps4 2074 shark broken and Sound bugs?

Started a new random gen world with default settings after losing my last game save to the “cleaning up” screen of death and noticed that a sound glitch is happening. So during day and night I’ve heard continuous shark music but no sharks anywhere kinda confused. Also while swimming in water during the day time I hear a swarm of bats overhead. Noticed that this was happening before the save crash but wasn’t too apparent till now.
As for the sharks they are getting stuck in and swimming through boats and glitching while swimming.

Hi Abates,

Thank you for reporting these issues, some of the issues you mentioned (Sharks clipping through ships and bat sounds when swimming) are issues I’ve submitted reports to the team for.

With regards to the shark music issue, are you player multiplayer or single player? and did you noticed this this occured around the same time or on the same island where you experienced the issue with the shark clipping through the shipwreck?

I’m playing single player it all occured on the same island and during the same gaming session. The shark music will usually appear out of nowhere even when in the middle of the island sometimes but a shark never appears. Its almost like it breaks the shark spawn because you can swim around and no sharks come, just music making you nervous and then after a bit it will switch back to regular music but sharks still won’t respawn . I’ve killed 2 sharks on my island and kept the carcuses as trophies, but havnt seen anything since. Havnt had a chance to go to new island on this save yet.

Hi Abates,

Thanks for that information. When creatures are killed their respawn time is around 7 days or so. If you do not see sharks respawn on your island after that time, please let me know.

I’m starting to suspect sharks may be trapped under the islands but are close enough to players to trigger the music. When you go swimming, have you noticed if the music stops if you get a certain distance from your island?

I agree with you i thought that as well. The music does seem loudest on land (expecially middle of island) and gets quieter when swimming. I beleive it does dissapear when your far from the island but never thought about it like that ill keep an eye out for that if it happens again.

Thanks Abates, I’ll keep an eye out for the update from you and note that given your experience you agree with my theory. Hopefully that’ll give the team a starting point for finding the cause of this issue.

So I’ve been trying to see if it would happen again and it hasn’t yet. I killed a shark and brought it to land but that didn’t cause it. I went to a new island and got set up, went to check out a ship wreckage and a blacktip shark spawned. So I rushed back to land and grabbed my spears and by the time I was back he was gone. I would sit and swim around there to see if he would respawn but he didn’t (I’m on a yacht shipwreck on the edge of the island dropoff)I kept hearing slight music but no shark while out on the water so maybe he glitched under the island. Went to a different spot on island and would up finding and catching tiger shark. Still playing to see if it happens again.

Hi Abates,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. Thank you for that update on your experience with the sharks. I believe this will be a difficult one to replicate…

I’ll update my report for the team on what you’ve seen as heading to land where the shark may follow could be a factor. As some sharks glitch through ships, it may be possible that’s where it ended up too… though normally with that issue they would glitch towards the player out of the ship.

[EDIT: misread comment, reply adjusted]