[PS4][2074] Lost skills and interaction bug

Hello For Some Reason I’m On Ps4 And 2 Player Witch Is My Friend Has Lost All His Craftman Ship And All His Level Like He Is Just Starting The Game It Lagged Him Out And Then The Bug started


I moved your post to a new bug report so I can address it directly as it included some elements that I wanted to track separately.

Please let me know:

  • Am I right in assuming you’re both playing version 2074? Was this save created in an earlier version or is it a recently created one?

  • Is you friend the host or player 2?

  • Was anything else lost by your friend?

  • What were they doing when they game lagged and he was disconnected from the game? If he was not the host, did you save the game after he left?

  • When you refer to “the bug” were you referring to the interacting issue in the other thread or the loss of craftsmanship skills?

  • Any extra information you can provide about this issue and what happened would be greatly appreciated as I would like to submit a new report to the team on this for them to investigate.

My friend was player 2 and it only happened when opening creates or lockers I lost everything including toolbelt problem

To ensure I’m not misunderstanding CRAZYNAP93, are you saying that the toolbelt problem occured for you while you were in the middle of playing and moving items from crates or lockers to your inventory?

Please also let me know if you can recall when the save was created as the version it was created in may be having an impact on issues such as the interaction issue.

toolbelt problem happend after i saved it and also the creates are duplicating and there is so much lag on the island when player 2 is in

Thank you for confirming when the toolbelt issue occured for you.

Please elaborate on what you mean by the crates duplicating and how this occurs in game? Is this happening when players are moving crates between their inventory and the ground, when the game reloads or another way?

The team are looking into the drop in FPS experienced by players. If you have a lot of loose items or a significant build on the one island this may be a contributing factor. If you do, please try placing as many loose items in storage as possible to see if that helps reduce the FPS drop for you. Please also ensure that both players are playing version 2074 as a difference in version number may also have an impact on gameplay.