[PS4][2074] Gyro falling through wood floor

I’m on PS4 (2074) and noticing FPS drop moving around my home island worse than ever, even after I tidied up most loose items to crates. The freezing and glitching between island tiles is at its worst too.

Also re the Gyro, mine was stored on a second story wood floor and after a few days sunk into the floor with wheels and frame visible on the first floor underneath. I had to break the floor to let it fall through to then fly out. After this the noise of the gyro didn’t stop even when I stopped the engine.

I reloaded the save and the engine noise had stopped but it dropped through the floor again.

Hi YWillis,

While I understand you are also reporting issues with FPS drops between islands, I wanted to separate out your other issue into its own post so I can track it independently.

Thank you for providing the image of the issue, I have passed this and the description of what happened in your game onto the team.

Please also let me know:

  • Is the second floor the top of your building, ie: used as a flat roof or do you have walls, half walls or slanted roofing on the next floor also?
  • Did you save and reload or leave and return to the island via a raft between the time you stored the gyro and when you noticed this issue?
  • As different countries refer to floors differently. Can you confirm for me if you have a foundation level, a first floor and a second floor, or is the first floor the same as your foundation level in this case?


Hi Clare, so I had a foundation as the first floor then a “floor” added as a flat roof for the gyro to park on.

I only reloaded the save, not travelled between islands.

Thanks for confirming that for me YWillis, I’ll add this information to my report for the team as it may help them in trying to replicate the issue on their end :+1: