[PS4][2074][Bugs] Date on watch not the same for both players

So I’ve found a work around for the watches not being correct on player 1 & 2.

Just have player 2 (not the host) initiate sleep. Worked for us every time.


Thanks for that, i may try that next time my friend who hosts our game is next on

I wonder if this is part of the other issues in co op.

If things aren’t syncing properly, it could bugger a lot of stuff up.

I think it is. What they do is probably time stamped. Like P2 dropped potatoes. We logged off and back on. Potatoes gone.

Thank you for sharing this information SmokedLargeMeat. I have created a known issues post on this here - [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Watch times and days desync in multiplayer - and included your workaround.

I have also informed the team as this may help narrow down the trigger or the issue for them in their investigation.