[PS4][2071][Gameplay] Can't board raft

Since the last update, I can no longer board my raft. The X button prompt now no longer appears. I have to rely on getting aboard in the shallows. In deep water, almost impossible.

Also experiencing the Interaction Bug which means the game is broken and unplayable; pending a patch.

I have also had a hog disappear when I removed my arrows and spear. The spear was covered by sand. After removing the spear, had to take care of a nuisance snake, turned around and the hog carcass was gone.

Absolutely loving the game though. Can see this being a great series … Jungle, mountain, desert, tundra . Please fix it soon

Hi Zarqwan,

Thank you for reporting these issues. I’m glad to hear you enjoy Stranded Deep and I’m sorry to hear these issues are affecting your save. I just have a few questions about the issues you mentioned if you don’t mind.

  • From your description it appears this is an save created before the latest update rather than a new one, is this correct?
  • Was the issue with your raft occuring before the interaction bug kicked in?
  • Were you already on an island with snakes before the update or is this a newly explored island or custom island?
  • Were your arrows and spears crude or refined? Have any other items or creatures fallen through the sand during your gameplay?

It is a game started before the latest update, yes
No, the raft issue was before the Interaction Bug and is a permanent issue

There were snakes, killed them, never respawned. Not found any snakes since update?

It was a crude spear

Many thanks


Unfortunately, Strandeed Deep updates or bug fixes arrive very late, so you’ll have to wait a long time. I found a bug on my raft by accident. I wanted to build a ladder to get to the dock from the sea, it was very close to me on the raft. While making the ladder, it was attached to the raft, but it was mounted upside down. But I can get to the raft by walking in the open sea, give it a try if you want. Place the raft and the quay a short distance apart, then build a ladder on the quay and try it, maybe you will have no trouble in the open sea.
I hope it helps if you want to give it a try
( Google translete Türkçe - İngilizce)

Hi Zarqwan,

Thank you for confirming those details. I’ll log this raft issue as a separate interaction issue for the team.

With regards to the snakes, I can confirm there appears to be an issue with snakes spawning on islands. As you are on a pre-existing save it is possible that the issue occured when they respawned.

Thank you also @Cotanaster for that workaround suggestion. As you’ve found the same issue with the raft in your save I’ll add that to my report.