[PS4][2033][Movement] Character Stuck in a Boat

There was a shark coming so I swam away quickly and fit through a gap in a boat, when I stood up my character was stuck.
Default settings.

Swimming through a hole in the boat and standing once you’re in the hole will cause you to get stuck.
I did everything I could to try to get unstuck, i dropped a crate, jumped, ran nothing worked.

Hi Josiahg11 - welcome to the forums!

Thank you for reporting this in detail and for providing that image. I know there was a similar issue with players being trapped in ships if they dropped something below them and it pushed them up, so the standing up action may have caused a similar effect. Unfortunately as you found with your own issue there does not seem to be a workaround to break free once this happens.

If you recall, please let me know which island within your seed this occured on - I can pass this onto the team along with the rest of your details and it may make it easier for them to test the issue if they use the same ship.

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Using the cartographer table it is in the 1st column, 3rd row. It’s all the way on the left where the edge of the map is and it’s the middle island, this is the exact boat i got stuck in. Sorry for the quality of the picture its from a youtube video but this exact boat type was the one I got stuck in.

That’s perfect, thank you for the island location and that image, I add them to my report on this issue for the team.