[PS4][2033][Graphics/Gameplay] Boars can breathe underwater apparently

I just chased a Large Boar on my custom island and it ran into the ocean to some depth (Lionfish depth)
I had to come up for air between attacks and in process lose track of the beast.
My custom island is quite hilly with some very sharp drops so the boar has limited space to run as it usually would but it kept running deeper into the ocean.


Custom Island

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I’ve seen this happen too. Clipped it on my channel as aquatic boar lol.

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This has been a very common problem since the console version release. Personally, I feel they need to add in a patch that prevents all land-based animals (snakes/boar/hogs) from entering the ocean altogether. Or at the very least, allow them to swim on the surface of the water, like they would realistically do. Lol

I’ve seen them go into shallow water but not lion fish depth personally😂
That’s rough xD

Hi Slytherinshare - welcome to the forums!

Thank you for reporting this issue and for using the bug report template - I greatly appreciate it!

This issue is one the team are aware of but I appreciate you highlighting that it occured on a custom island for you. Animals may go for a swim (well…a walk I suppose) in shallow water on all islands, but going further into the ocean has been reported by a few players as only occuring on their custom islands. Have you seen this occur on any game-generated islands or are you using only custom islands on your map / only noticed it on custom islands?

For what it’s worth, I personally haven’t seen boars go in the deep on game generated islands. They always make a hard turn when it gets too deep.
Can’t speak about custom islands as I haven’t added ones since update 2033.

Thank you for that info EradicateYou - it does appear this may be an issue unique to custom islands afterall.

I too have had this issue. I play on Xbox one and my wild boars ran straight into the ocean. As soon as they reached the coral, they just disappeared. I have swam around the area several times and have been poisoned a couple times trying to find them. I live on Peaceful Forgotten Crest and they have yet to respond. It has been one full in-game month. The same thing has happened on other islands as well.

Hi Tacomaster, welcome to the forums!

Thank you for sharing your account of this issue. If they haven’t respawned, it’s possible they are stuck somewhere. I shall pass this info onto the team.

Thank you again.