[PS4][2033][Gameplay] Camera upside down while editing

The camera can get stuck upside-down while editing a custom island.

Sometimes I’d like to see an overhead view of my Island so I’ll bring the camera directly above the island in a top down view.

However when trying to lower the camera for some reason it sometimes gets stuck and can only move in the opposite direction from how it was moved above the island.

This inverts the view, making the camera get permanently stuck upside down.

This has happened to me multiple times but only after bringing the camera to nearly directly above and then trying to move it back level with the rest of the island.

This happens with any seeding.

Hi Jmal,

Thank you for reporting this issue and for including the image of how it appears for you. I have submitted a report on this issue to the team.

When you bring the camera up, does it rotate at all before you bring it back down or is it always moving up and down along the same axis for you?

No the camera doesn’t rotate, in fact it just happened randomly and I wasn’t in a top down view so it seems the issue may be more prominent.

I was placing tree items backing in and out of the camera to locate where they were going and simply starting to move the camera right it flipped upside down

Note: I will note that if you leave editing and come back in the view is fixed… BUT as with the other issue I posted, when you come back in, items and island shape don’t stay locked so leaving isn’t an option until you’re finished, and it’s not easy working upside-down.

Thanks for that added info Jmal, I’ll update my report accordingly and point out for the team that while the other issue exists, the workaround of quiting and reloading is not ideal for players.

While you mentioned it is random, if you do start to notice a pattern when editiong your islands, please let me know.