PS4 (2033) Game Error Code- saving with sleeping bag shuts down app


When using a sleeping bag on any island in version 2033 I was getting game error codes and this would shut down the application completely.

1- Custom islands were everywhere
2- Settings were default except animals were passive
3- Upon returning to my home base island the lag was insanely slow and stuttered badly with 3-4 clicking sounds each time.
4- once on my main island everything was super slow and laggy, a little blurry as well.
5- the island was full of crates and tons of stock of fibrous leaves planks tools of all kinds.
6- the island seemed to get better the more I used up items and supplies and fibrous leaves
7- after I removed all gardening planted objects lag started getting better
8- after quitting to main menu and re-loading game everything was the same, except I would load in on top of a high up structure.(this is now also happening on version 2071 as well)

Not looking for a solution as much as just to inform you here @Developers @Sam @Clare
as per (reported on console with video clip each time it gave me error code)

Thank you for this information A_Coacherson, I shall inform the team and compare it to reports I’ve already submitted too and update them accordingly.

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