[PS4][2033][Doors] Teleporting

Going through a door just as it closes will teleport you up. If you’re in a multistory building you’ll go to the level directly above you.



Walk through a closing door, I am using Plank Doors.

I tried to do it on ships with doors and couldn’t get it to work.

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Hi Lothaer,

Thanks for the report and for the video of this occuring. As far as I am aware, being transported up to the nearest open space is to prevent characters being stuck in the door frame above them if caught in the door as it closes. I will however double check with the team to may sure it’s currently intended :slight_smile:

I believe this occurs or did on PC too. With players stacking doors to make an elevator or sorts…

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I can confirm such a thing happens on PC (Epic).

I was teleported several times from ground floor to one floor upwards by a brick door, which was opening towards me. It happend at least 10 to 20 times during my play time (day 315, 5d 13h).