[PS4][2009][Planters] Multiple Harvest

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it was intentional, but since the 2009 update I have noticed the following:

As long as I keep my planters watered and I don’t harvest, they continue to stockpile plants. When I do harvest, I get the entire backlog. For example, I got 10 potato plants, one right after the other from one planter. It appears to be endless.

This has happened consistently with every plant, except for the yucca which it has only happened once for, but I’m not sure if that is because I’m more diligent about harvesting them.

I’ve been debating whether to report this because if it is a bug, it’s been the most amazing exploit ever. It’s essentially free storage and the potatoes stay fresh. I love this game and want to be supportive of all the work the team is doing.

Note: this was a save that was started prior to the 2009 update.

I also noticed during my last playthrough, that I was able to harvest more than one potato on each planter. But I never went to a point where there was more than say, two potatoes on each planter. so I did not think anything of it, but I will confirm that I have seen more than one plant per planter, if you leave it along enough.

Thanks for reporting this Kate, and for confirming Shutat!

I’ve sent a report onto the team to check if this is an issue or intended and will let you know when they get back to me.

One question I do have is, how does this look when it occurs, do the plants multiply, appear larger, or is it just your inventory that is filled? Any screenshots you have would also be great :slight_smile:

Regardless of if it’s an issue or not, I really appreciate things like this being reported because, aside from any potential exploits not operating as intended, you never know when initially beneficial issues might have trickle down effects in games!

For me, the potato plants look normal. You are simply able to harvest more than one at a time, if you leave them alone long enough.

Hi Clare, everything looks completely normal. The plants are not enlarged and it only adds one to your inventory at a time as you pick it. As you pick them, it automatically replenishes in the planter as if it regrew super fast (it’s so seamless it almost makes you question whether you even picked one up). I don’t think a screenshot would really showcase it but I’ll try to record a short video when I’m on next.

Thank you for letting me know what you see in the game Shutat and Kate.

Kate, I understand that an screenshot would not show much so if you are able to capture it in a clip that would be fantastic and greatly appreciated! In the mean time I’ll pass your description of what you’re seeing onto the team :slight_smile:

I have finally noticed this and personally like it that when returning home after an extended trip you can not worry about missing a harvest. But i would like to add that i have noticed that if you dont harvest the yucca fruit each time you get the leaves it also keeps them adding up. (ie i was on an island long enough to get 3 yucca harvests and before i left i got 3 yucca fruits off each plant. Possibly adding the yucca fruit into the game made this possible.

Thank you for that insight alkewper74 - I shall highlight the Yucca plant for the team so they can investigate it too if they haven’t already.

I have found that all farmed plants will grow multiples over time, as though you’ve picked their crops, but it seems to be on the same timer as the normal production timer in terms of how often the plants will add additional crops to the stack.

It’s happened on both old and new saves, with every plant, following the standard growth cycle.

Also, I noticed that if you don’t pull up the dead plants when they dry out, and wait for a storm to come and pass, after a couple in-game days, the plants will have bounced back due to the storm watering the plot. This has been the case for as long as I remember, but it seems to be realistic in function. It certainly saved me the trouble of growing a fresh batch of plants many times during unexpectedly long trips away from my farm island.

I also noticed that yucca fruits on wild plants will respawn, though I haven’t determined when they do. I only noticed it after a good 5 harvests of my main island’s yucca trees.

Thank you for sharing your experience of this issue Shokujin.

As far as I am aware the fruit respawning on the willd Yucca plant is intended, but good to know that’s what you’re seeing - thanks!

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