PS4 [2009] Invisible Items in the hands


After I felt from one of our tower’s, every Items in the character’s hand disappeared.
Usually their was the compass in the hand.

Fortunately the items appeared after I reloaded the game.

Unfortunately I couldn’t reproduce the issue.


Hi Marwal,

Thanks for reporting this and grabbing and image of it!

When you fell, were you holding anything in particular?

Also, can you confirm for me roughly how far you fell? I suppose the easiest thing to count in is wall units if it’s a tower. Or if you have an image of where you fell from.

Hi Clare.
It was just a normal tower which you can build over the building menu.

When I fell, I was holding the axt in particular.

By the way… You hit me on an idea to build a huge tower :grin:

Thank you for that info Marwal :slight_smile:

Good luck with your bigger tower - I’d love to see a photo of it in the Images and Videos section when you’re done!

The tower will take some time.
First of all we (my gf and I) are going to build our living house.
The game is simply terrible :sweat_smile:
There is so much to do.
We are surviving since 320 days and have just killed one boss cause we are only occupied with building something :rofl:

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haha! Well, when you go get around to it - or even when you finish your home, please feel free to share your creations with us!