PS4 [2009] Goblin Shark all black

Goblin sharks are showing as (ink) black, so textures other than black. They look like they are using the same color palette as the tarps that are still in old saves. I have included 2 pics for reference

Thank you reporting this issue and providing those images Loreweaver. I inform the team and send them these images too.

Oh actually, to double check with you, is the save you’re using a fresh save created after the update or was it updated from v.1820 to v.2009?

It’s a new save. I started it after 2009 update

Thank you for confirming that info!

I have also noticed great whites now appear albino, but only after vanquishing. Just FYI, brand new save since last update. The great white appeared normal when first seen and during the fight, but immediately changed to completely white after eating the last spear.

Thank you for reporting this Charlie, I shall inform the team. I’ve seen another player reporting this over the past while. If you do happen to grab an image, please send it my way. Not sure if this is the same issue or a different one but I’ll let the team know so they can look into it.

[Update] The team had found this when working on the Goblin Shark issue and are addressing it too