[PS4][2009][Fish trap] Giant Grouper

Is that supposed to happen? I’m guessing the second image is faulty. But a fish trap doesn’t look large enough to catch one of these.

Side note, 2 medium meat from a fish the size of a tuna seems a bit stingy, haha.

I was get 2 medium meats from a Cod…less than half the size of this beast.

It doesn’t give raw hide, for some reason I thought it gave 1 or 2. Being how easy it is to find and kill grouper, I’m good with how much meat it gives. I wish it was more too, but easy food :slight_smile:

Hi HatefulBlock744,

Thank you for posting those image, that is indeed a bug. Particularly as the grouper should not be going into your inventory. The team are looking into this issue at the moment and shall pass on your images and info to them as well.

Can also confirm that 2 medium meat is whats given from the grouper when killed - this is as designed but I appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: