PS4 [ 2009] crabs not despawning after skinned

Crabs are not despawning after being skinned creating extra entities causing lag, using ps4 pro. This seems to happen at random if I skin more than 3 or 4 crabs at once. Have not tested on all (skinable) creatures. Also the new giant boars are basically immortal. I know you are aware of the boars. Just confirming they are superman and we have no kryptonite.

Hi Loreweaver, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting this and for confirming that you are seeing the issues with the boars to.

For the crabs, if you leave your island and return are the entities still there? If you do play some more and notice it with other creatures please let me know.

For the boar issue. another player reported up to 35 spears being used. Can you confirm if you’ve found the same and what your hunting skill level is?

My hunting skill lvl is just under 4 and put almost 40 spears into the giant hog and it did not die. As for the crabs they despawned after reloading the game. They stayed until I stopped playing for the night and shut down. I left my starting island for a few days and they were still there until I logged off.

Thank you for the update on the crabs and letting me know your hunting skill to spears used ratio. I will update the two reports I submitted to the team with your details. If you notice anything else, please do not hesitate to let me know :slight_smile: