[PS4] [1.10] keep getting kicked from game

Keeps kicking me from friends game and when I rejoin all my food I just cooked is spoiled, can’t take birds off of bird snares, and my flasks are no longer usable

Unknown not my world

Default settings

Get kicked and join

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Update to 1.11. you’re probably getting kicked for being on lesser version

I’m on the latest version available to me

Hi Potatoe,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing these issues in the game. With regards to version numbers in system downloads, these can vary by region. The best way to check if you’re on the latest version is to compare the number in the bottom left of the main menu. If you are up to date the number displayed will be 2074.

Please let me know:

  • When you disconnect from the save, does this occur randomly during gameplay or have you noticed anything in particular that triggers you being disconnected?

  • Are the bird snares ones built by you on your friend?

  • When you are unable to use your flask, is this an item that was in your hands where you disconnected, on the ground or in your inventory? You mentioned flasks plural, are they all in the same location?

  • Is there a desync of time between you and your friend? If you’ve played together the entire time do your watches display the same number of days survived?

  • Is your friend able to see any of the meat you’ve cooked, if so do they appear spoiled for them too?

Any extra information you can provide would be greatly appreciated as I can pass it onto the team for their investigation as to what is causing these issues.

Ok so I just checked and I musta got it wrong am on the current version with 2074 at the bottom

When im kicked its random first time was over an hour of play second was five maybe ten minutes then third was about 30 minutes

I built the bird traps

So both times I’ve only had one on me but every time I made another one for it to do it again I have noticed I can still craft with them but every time I fill them up they say can’t hold any water but I can’t drink from it or water plants

There’s a desync by one day im on 11 and his on 12

Some times it says it’s spoiled for him and others say it’s fine but when it does say its spoiled I can still eat it fine after a normal reload

Thank you for all that extra information Potatoe, I shall pass this information onto the team. If you notice any other issues occuring during gameplay, please do not hesitate to let me know.